We are a group of Catholics (Ignatius grads, current students, parents, potential future parents and Jesuit alumni) who care about the fine institution of St. Ignatius High School and share concern about the direction of the school as it pertains to the teaching of the Catholic faith, from the classroom to actions on campus. A major event that exemplifies our concerns was the non-tendering of contracts for Mr. Hogan and Mr. Dybicz. Both of these men possess more than 30 years of tenure at the school. They represent the teaching of the full truth of the Catholic faith. The reasons for these demissions is not known which garners further cause for concern.

This website intends to provide factual and current information regarding the actions and future activities of keeping the faith at St. Ignatius as well as rally a campaign to bring these two good men back to the institution. Keep praying for our cause and keep up your activities. We will post updated information on current results.

St. Ignatius pray for us.

CONTACT US with any ideas and information you receive.

Quick Update

The meeting scheduled for Monday was rescheduled for Wed 5/17.  Please keep that meeting in your prayers as well as all the other efforts going on to right the wrong and move Ignatian hearts.

St. Ignatius Pray for Us.

Feast of Fatima 100 years and St Robert Bellarmine SJ

Beautiful Homily by Father Bede, the title si A Heart Like Hers.  Please listen and be inspired.  Today is the cannonization of Jacinta and Francisco.

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Concerned Alumnus Article--Please Read

The Petitions Presented to the Ignatius Administration

Here are the over 2000 petitions in support of Mr. Hogan and Mr. Dybicz.  Thanks to the Men for Hogan and Dybicz Facebook group.

Ignatian Identity Review Report

Here is a link to the Ignatian Identity Review

Alumni letter to Father Ray and Resposnes

Here is a great letter getting to the heart of a lot of the background issues that are involved with the non-tendering:

Here is a response from Father Ray:

Response from Board Member

Update 4/28/18 Moving Forward

appears that there is a meeting with the Ignatius administration on May 15 according to the Facebook page 

Administration Meeting
Good news! We have secured an in-person meeting with the school on Monday, May 15th. We will be discussing the overall mission statement of the school and our concerns. Please keep this meeting in your prayers.

Not sure who is meeting but if additional information is provided we will let you know.

Over 2000 signatures delivered to St. Ignatius

What a blessing to have over 2,000 petitions delivered to St. Ignatius administration supporting Mr. Hogan and Dybicz to be brought back to the school.  See below:

Friday April 21, 2017 -
Today we received confirmation that this petition (see below) with over 2000 signatures was presented to the administration of St. Ignatius High School. Thank you so much for the support. Please keep up the prayers! With God all things are possible